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Regenerate Seeds

The Cascadia Seed Guild

In the spirit of fostering resilient ecosystems, the Cascadia Seed Guild is a collaborative community of seed enthusiasts, gardeners, and conservationists united by a common goal – to preserve and propagate the rich tapestry of plant life native to the Cascadia bioregion. As guardians of this place, we recognize the vital role that seeds play in sustaining diverse and resilient ecosystems.

Our guild is a hub for knowledge exchange, skill development, and collective action. Whether you are an experienced seed saver, a budding horticulturist, or simply someone with a green thumb and a commitment to ecological balance, the Cascadia Seed Guild invites you to join hands with like-minded individuals in a shared journey toward a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Through workshops, seed swaps, and collaborative projects, we aim to empower our members with the skills and resources needed to become stewards of biodiversity in their own communities. Together, we cultivate a network of seed libraries, community gardens, and educational programs that not only celebrate the incredible diversity of plants but also actively contribute to the restoration and conservation of our natural heritage.

We advance our mission through a regional Cascadia network of seed-saving gardeners – farmers & advocates, through organizing & attending regional seed swaps supporting open exchange of seeds, through workshops and educational demonstrations at public events, and by researching, building and acquiring appropriate-scale seed processing equipment and storage facilities.

Cascadia Seed Guild’s mission is to honor the biodiversity of seeds grown in our local food shed and to encourage the caretaking of genetic seed diversity for future generations.

We envision a future where most local farmers and gardeners are saving at least some of their seeds, each playing a vital role in stewarding locally adapted seed varieties and diversity.

We envision a future where local farmers are once again educated and skilled in the art and science of selecting, harvesting, threshing, and cleaning seeds of all types of food and medicinal plants.

We envision a future where our local seed swaps no longer depend on seeds donated by large seed companies outside the region but become vital trading posts for local growers and seed stewards.  

We invite you to join us in seeding a thriving, equitable, and sustainable local food system!    

Join us as we sow the seeds of change, nurture the growth of resilient ecosystems, and weave a sustainable tapestry that connects us to the land we call home. The Cascadia Seed Guild is more than an organization; it is a living testament to our commitment to the Earth and the generations that will inherit its legacy. Together, let us embark on a journey to cultivate a future where seeds are not just the bearers of life but the architects of thriving, interconnected ecosystems.