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Bioregional Mapping

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Bioregional Mapping

This is a placeholder page for our bioregional mapping guild. We are having some initial meetings among interested parties to discuss what it would look like to form a stable group responsible for cultivating a bioregional mapping guild, to strengthen existing bioregional mapping efforts underway across Cascadia.

What kind of mapping system is necessary for us to reinhabit and regenerate the bioregion? How could a guild strengthen the efforts of existing bioregional mapping efforts? What mapping resources are already available to support the regeneration of Cascadia? What are the resources that we could more efficiently develop together, rather than separately? How do we create a place where a bioregional mapping network could realize these opportunities?

We are having weekly discussions to form a guild stewardship workgroup that can take responsibility for developing a bioregional mapping guild (see upcoming events in the sidebar).

Here are documents we are working with:

  • Meeting notes – where we keep a record of past meetings and plan our agenda.
  • Stewardship Workgroup Conceptual Design (do we have one for Mapping?) – a concept for discussion to describe the scope and activities of a guild stewardship group.
  • Survey Concepts  (do we have one for Mapping?)- a concept for discussion to describe two surveys to guild development.
  • Bioregional  Mapping Forum Discussions – where you can engage in bioregional mapping conversations.

What is a Topic?

A topic is an informal discussion group and forum around an issue that people feel is important for Regenerating Cascadia. Anyone is welcome to create a new topic group. The purpose of a topic group is to be a welcome space for people interested, share resources and connect with others passionate around the same issues.

What is a Guild?

If there are enough people passionate about a specific topic, a stewardship team can emerge to take a leadership role and the next step to create a “Bioregional Guild”.

A bioregional guild receives all the benefits of being under the Regenerate Cascadia 501(c)3 umbrella. By becoming a guild, stewards take on basic responsibilities such as moderating their online community, making sure meetings happen regularly, maintaining an email list, sharing meeting minutes, and ensuring events are being added to the calendar, and into the blog. They can also manage their own budget and reporting if there is any income.

Guilds focus on one topic, and share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise across watersheds. The purpose of a guild is to be a welcome space for people interested, to create educational materials for all Regenerate Cascadia ambassadors, and to undertake activities that support the inhabitants of our bioregion.


You can donate directly to this group.  Donations are 501(c)3 tax deductible.

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"to create the conditions for a regenerative movement to thrive."

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