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Funding Ecosystems

This is an EXCELLENT collection of videos about bioregional funding ecosystems…

Please watch, share, and enjoy.

Regenerate Cascadia Weekly Website Meeting Notes

During the website meeting, we discussed several different things, including the primary purpose of the website, the potential for exploring other networks, and Paule’s beginning to conduct a User Research […]

Becoming Prosocial

Join a Cascadia Cohort for the upcoming Prosocial Action Lab
*Space limited* – Regenerate Cascadia and Prosocial World are sponsoring 10 participants from Cascadia, covering 75% of the cost of this 6 week course. *Sign-up form coming soon*

RC Advisory Council Meeting – May 1, 2024

The RC Advisory Council consist of a group of core Stewards of the RC movement, helping to develop the governance processes for Regenerate Cascadia during this crucial incubation phase.

4.26.24 Eugene Gathering

4.26.24 Eugene Gathering of climate activists, land regenerators, educators, permaculturists, wisdom holders, social justice lovers, and heart-centered folks of all ages.

Regenerate Cascadia Visioning Session – 21 April, 2024

As Regenerate Cascadia crossed the one year anniversary since it’s official launch on April 18th, it was time to start imagining the next phase of this bioregional movement. We started by sharing a high-level update on what we have achieved over the last year as well as the progress made on defining Regenerate Cascadia’s structural components, including updates on governance, the digital platform, guilds, and hubs. However, things really came alive during the small group discussions (which were not recorded on video). Through these conversations, participants are actively claiming their sovereignty to collectively reimagine and shape the future of the Cascadia bioregion. Planting the seeds for this kind of collective action to drive positive change in the Cascadia bioregion and beyond is truly inspiring.