Terms and Structure

Terms and Structure

Regenerate Cascadia is a 501(c)3 social movement organization developing a long-term bioregional vision and framework for the regeneration and health of the Cascadia bioregion along the northeast Pacific rim of North America and beyond. Our work brings together regenerative communities, projects, and organizers from many different watersheds and territories to connect work done on the ground with support and resources while imagining new forms of bioregional governance that honor and celebrate our unique stories of place, led by the communities.

Individual Roles


People who sign up for the website can participate in online group spaces, classes, surveys and resource directories comprising the Regenerate Cascadia community. 

To join Regenerate Cascadia, you can sign up here:


Members who support Regenerate Cascadia through recurring donations. This support will always be optional, and we will never have a paywall. 

Donate to Regenerate Cascadia here:


Stewards are members who have undergone a basic onboarding module and sign a basic agreement with Regenerate Cascadia to ensure privacy, how Regenerate Cascadia is represented to the public, and data handling. They can take on an online group’s leadership and accountability role. Stewards are moderators for their online community and also help serve as a welcome, entry, and onboarding point for new members joining Regenerate Cascadia as a whole, helping them find activities and existing groups connected to their passions and interests. They should also have a basic understanding of the context of our work with Regenerate Cascadia, our structure, and what we are trying to do.

Stewards will also play a key role as leadership teams of Hubs, Guilds, and Projects. They serve as Facilitators, Notetakers, and Timekeepers and work with the backbone supports to ensure basic reporting and feedback are being done. Stewards receive access to our Organizer Tools, can share to the resource library, add events to the calendar, and post updates to the blog.

To become a Regenerate Cascadia Steward, you can volunteer here: