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2023 Cascadia Summit: Recorded Presentations

2023 Cascadia Bioregional Summit

The Cascadia Bioregional Summit happened November 3rd through 12th, using this website and Zoom.  It was a capstone for our Regenerate Cascadia Activation Tour and Summit.

The first weekend was a “Festival of What Works”. An opportunity for everyone throughout the Cascadia bioregion or our bioregional community to share a lesson or work they are doing is essential for other people to know or emulate.

During the following week, in the evening time, we shared “Watershed Organizing”. The final weekend was a Cascadia UnConference, an open space gathering where people interested in growing the idea of Regenerate Cascadia gathered around themed topics they find important.

Cascadia Summit Nov 3-11 (Recorded Presentations)

All videos and recordings can be found on the Cascadia Department of Bioregion YouTube channel

Saturday Morning Opening Session with Joe Brewer

The Resilient Communities Project with Brad Smith

Cascadia Field Guide: Art, Ecology and Poetry with Elizabeth Bradfield

Moving from project silos to collaborative systems with Clare Strawn

Cascadian Earthquake Resilience: A Bioregional Regeneration Strategy

The Poetics of Decolonial Cascadia & Zen with Paul Nelson and Jason Wirth

5 Minute Lightning Talk: Transition Lopez with Henning Sehmsdorf:

About the event

An Open Space Format

This will be an emergent event using an online, open-space format in which community organizers will set the topics, discussions, presentations, and themes we will explore this weekend. The Bioregional Summit is modeled on the online global summit hosted by the Regenerate Communities Network in November of 2022.

Ultimately, the purpose of the Bioregional Summit will be to convene the creation of a bioregional blueprint for regenerating the Cascadia bioregion, designed through a grassroots process started in the activation team and that collects the knowledge and feedback from the participants.

The goal of this document will be the start of watershed councils, regular bioregional congresses, informational commons, and a governance body able to transparently administer a Cascadia impact fund. REGISTER FOR A TICKET

We are hosting this event on a “gift economy” basis. With an estimated 500-1000 participants, using Zoom and Qiqo Chat, we pay 2 cents per minute per viewer. Any contribution you wish to make will be most gratefully received.

Via Zoom and In Person

If you are doing work that you think is valuable and want to connect with others, join us for our Bioregional Summit in person and online from November 3-12. This is an open-space format event, and we will focus on documenting the participants and community leaders making this event happen and sharing it with everyone afterward.

This will feature presentations, workshops, and field trips facilitated by local on-the-ground teams in person, and bioregionwide on zoom.

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How do we Regenerate Cascadia? Bioregional Activation Tour Presentations (Live)

Presented in partnership with the Joe Brewer, Penny Heiple, Steven Morris and the Design School for Regenerating Earth, as well as Clare Attwell, Brandon Letsinger, and a core team of more than 150 local organizers in 14 communities throughout the Salish Sea and Willamette Valley.

Regenerate Cascadia is a long-term vision and process that works with on-the-ground communities to design and implement new governance, ecology, and economy frameworks for the regeneration and health of our bioregion.

All Locations

In each location, we did our best to record a high-quality recording and live stream of Joe’s presentation and the Q&A sessions. The live streams are on our YouTube channel, but we will be working to upload high-quality recordings as we can.

Regenerate Gabriola at the Surf Pub and Lodge with Joe Brewer 7pm 10.25.23

From October 1-30th, we traveled around Cascadia working to activate watershed core teams. Our presentations are one hour long and have an intentional arc, starting with the seriousness of the problem, establishing why working in bioregional frameworks is the only realistic pathway forward, and then laying out our vision for Regenerate Cascadia, a tapestry of projects working in every watershed, ecoregion and bioregion for the regeneration of our planet. 

Where possible we livestreamed these events, and when time permits, will be working to upgrade the quality of these video’s to using the recorded audio and video.

Experiences and pictures from each area.

Cascadia Activation Tour and Summit Info Session with Clare Attwell and Brandon Letsinger

All videos and recordings can be found on the Cascadia Department of Bioregion YouTube channel