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News Articles


Reflections on Regenerate Cascadia

Inspiration Farms, October 30th, 2023.


Regenerate Cascadia 

October 18, 2023


Joe Brewer, cultural evolution and bioregional regeneration

Trevor Hancock, the Times Colonist,


‘Regenerate Cascadia’ tour makes Vashon stop this weekend



Thinking globally, acting locally — and bioregionally


Turning small spaces into green havens: Regenerate Cascadia hosts workshops on sustainable agriculture in Lane County


by Zach Bruhl and Staff,


A Bioregional Approach to the Future of Our Shared Region


Our Shared Future – An Important Conversation

Sheila Flood, the Times Colonist, September 6th, 2023.



Announcing the Winners and Special Honorees for The Edge Prize 2023: Weaving a Bioregional Fabric in the Edges of Salmon Nation

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Media Inquiries

Grassroots organizers with Regenerate Cascadia are available to help the media in any way we can. Our researchers and communications team can provide commentary, interviews, photos, story ideas, and background information or serve as expert sources. We work on various topics in the Cascadia bioregion, from policy and mapping to bioregionalism and movement building. If we can’t comment on an issue ourselves, we might know someone who can.


Brandon Letsinger
Executive Director
Department of Bioregion