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Anita Higgins

passionate about community/culture building, tending songs and gardens, definitely a Weird Mom, struggling to exist in this meat suit, lover of ~revel…

Hannah Kullberg

This is my official bio, on a personal level I am passionate about ritual, connection with spirit, the land. I get inspired by astrology and human des…

Daniel Holeman

Visionary artist and Permaculture enthusiast. Starting development of 10-acre off-grid eco-community.

Darren Zal

I live in Victoria, BC. I am inspired by the bioregional way of living and am grateful to live in such a beautiful place here on Vancouver Island. I…

Kathryn Alexander MA

Working on a water keeping project strongly connected to compost for city of Spokane.

Carlos Koppen

Greetings! My name is Carlos. I am a designer and builder of decentralized autonomous homes, colloquially known as Earthships.

Langdon Roberts

I am a neuroscientist, consciousness explorer, and student of integrative permaculture (exploring the intersections of land-based, social, and inner p…

Paul Cereghino

I am a cartographer, bureaucrat, gardener, ecologist, organizer, and activist, working in the Puget Sound restoration industry. I am cultivating mobil…

Kurtis Howes

Business Owner, Consultant, Ecological Land Designer + Student of Water Stories on route to becoming a Water Restoration Practitioner based on Quw’u…