Will Monk

I’m Will, I’m always hungry, (and after 36 years i finally got an insulin pump, so yes, i can eat that), i sing (deep) bass, I’m a big (cishetwm) sissy, y yo quiero apprendar Español. I got a studio art BA, from (the school formerly known as) HSU, (far north California) which included theater, dance, music, Native American Studies, math and physics, various activist projects, and a lot of problems with my (T1D) diabetes.

I quickly realized that i had no idea how to use any of that to survive, and began working with children, construction, event staffing, etc.

-TAing animation classes for kids at Berkeley City College,
-Tutoring junior high math and art
-“Street Outreach” team helping houseless people with Cooperation Humboldt (as well as planting free mini gardens etc)
-Currently hosting and teaching art and other open free creative classes with the Arcata Playhouse’s OurSpace Arts program

My favorite thing is probably storytelling (very broadly defined), I’m addicted to analogies, and my superpower is my ability to remain genuinely enthusiastic in a conversation about absolutely anything for way too long. My natal chart is a basketfull of dichotomies and tidal waves and I’ve been procrastinating whatever lesson that Yod has to teach me for far too long! I’m as liberal as you can get and I’d love to be your “ally” (or at least your humble “white savior”). I want to teach everyone and their kids how to do art, music, animation, etc on FLOSS. I can’t fix your computer or write a program, but I’ll happily model my neurodivergence in trying to figure it out together. Or better yet, help you plan/t a free little potato garden!

I’m probably the equivalent of a paralegal on the subject of federal disability discrimination, (APWU UNION YES), and probably an honorary MD on hyperlipotrophy, the Somogyi effect, catecholamine burnout as Hypoglycemia Unawareness, counterregulatory responses, the resulting autonomic failure, hyperimmune “diseases” like lupus, and ptsd.

WARNING: My next hobby rabbit hole is learning to ID native and invasive plants and their relationships to us. Unless I get distracted by the beautiful Phidippus genus…

My mastodon account is: @StorieswithaWill@fosstodon.org,
and instgm at WCMonk.