Shawnda Clawson

The Earth Mother Intentional Community was originally founded in Midland, Texas in 1986 as a Permaculture based Cottage Enterprise Village. It evolved when the Ubuntu movement rose out of South Africa in the 90’s and found further direction with the rise of the Transition Towns movement that was born in England a few years afterward. The Resource Based Economy Movement added our internal structure which birthed our “Studio Grounds and Synergy HUB” complexes. Two separate Locations serving the entire community, yet with different objectives. We have functioned well with this infrastructure for the last 37 years, tweaking and fine-tuning as we grew.

The Studio Grounds hold the Agricultural Research Institute, Community Gardens, a Music Recording Studio, an Artisan Teaching Village, Community Library/Education Network, Community Building with Rec Room and Commercial Kitchen, outdoor stages and campgrounds with a tiny house village for private personal space, etc. The HUB, a condensed version of the Studio Grounds, was established within the City limits, and serves as Communal Living/Workspace for the Community Directors.

Over the Winter/Spring of 2022/23, our founding member, Shawnda Clawson, retired from her 35 year position as Executive Director of this amazing Community. She has now settled into spending her cherished “Golden Years” teaching these systems online. Now, rebranded as the #EarthMotherNetwork – we have joined the OneWorld.Earth Community in their goal to establish a “A Deep Beloved Community of Networks with a Global Influence “

The failure of the whole range of interlocked systems that has maintained and supported this industrial society has become crystal clear. The ecological challenges we face and where we are headed as a civilization are daunting. Together we must be the lens that critically explores the problems and creates the tools to generate resilient solutions.

We here at Earth Mother have created a Space to address these issues.

Meet Us in #TheGathering . A Year-Round, Open Arms Convergence Room Permanently Located in the OneWorld.Earth Community.

Home of the #HealTheEarthInitiative, We gather on Monday Through Friday from 2:oo – 6:oo pm CST. …. with Think Tank Conversations in the first hour, Recorded Presentations on Dedicated Topics, During the Second Hour) … with Fellowship and Networking for the Remaining Time.

Founded within the OneWorld.Earth Community under the #HealTheEarthInitiative over the “99 Days of Peace” – Our Programs Rotate Through Five (5) #HealTheEarthInitiative “Mission #Beacons” supported by the different “Branches” of the Earth Mother “Oak Tree Structure”

Monday~ “Art is Life Beacon”~ How to Heal the Earth through Art, Music and Dance, co.created by Soul Story Productions and the Artisans Teaching Village Team. #ArtIsLifeBeacon

Tuesday~ “Keepers of the Flame Beacon” ~ How to Heal the Earth through the Original Wisdom Teachings of our First Nations and Indigenous Peoples. The Seeking out of the Lost Truths and Sacred Knowledge only the “Earth Elders” Hold, humbly co.created by The New Earth Grandmothers and the Union of Nations Initiates. #KeepersOfTheFlameBeacon

Wednesday~ “Re.Genesis Beacon” ~ How to Heal the Earth through Intentional Community Networks Practicing Permaculture, Regenerative Systems and Agriculture, through the Industrial Hemp and Natural Building Revolutions, co.created by The Earth Mother Studio Team, the National Industrial Hemp Coalition Members, the Earth Mother Organics Crew, the Built for the Future Team and the Clan of the DragonFly Permaculture Guild. #ReGenesisBeacon

Thursday~ “Truth Beacon” ~ How to Heal the Earth through Showcasing Cutting Edge Change-Making Organizations and Giving Platform to the Many Voices of Truth, co.created by the Press for Truth Media Team and the New Earth Social Architects. #TruthBeacon

Friday~ “Spirit Beacon” ~ How to Heal the Earth through Spiritual Practices, Plant Medicines, Humanitarian Relief and Collective Conscious Group Intent and Action – co.created by the Sacred Space Network, the Quantum Mystics and the New Earth Integrity Team. #SpiritBeacon

Please join us in our Mission to … “Heal the Earth” … Bring Your Voice, Your Passion for Change, and Your Healing Energy.

Become part of the #EarthMotherNetwork #BeaconLibrary ”. These Recordings are circulated into the Earth Mother Network’s Social Media platforms and stored in Open Source Cloud Space for Public Access and Re.Stream.
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We Humbly Acknowledge that The Earth Mother Intentional Community Resides on the Traditional Lands of the Tigua, Kickapoo and Lipan Apache – First Nations People. We Pay Our Respect to Elders Both Past and Present.
~ In Lak’ech Ala K’in