Robert Bunge

4th generation Tacoma area resident. Active in outdoor recreation. Looking for community projects as I transition to retirement.

Robert Bunge

4th generation in the Tacoma area dating back to the 1880s. Teaching information technology at North Seattle College. In the past couple years I got v…

Paule Wood

Paulé Wood (they/them) has a background in Human Centered Design and has been professionally designing complex systems for two decades. Storytelling …


Excited to learn more!

Shawnda Clawson

The Earth Mother Intentional Community was originally founded in Midland, Texas in 1986 as a Permaculture based Cottage Enterprise Village. It evolve…

Tex Albert

Tex (Jude Gérard) Albert, originally from the Republic of Seychelles Indian Ocean, is on the verge of completing seven decades in cosmic orbit around…

Bill Aal

OG bioregionalist, Justice Activist luve on. the east side. Practicioner of Open Space and other tools for change