Paule Wood

Paulé Wood (they/them) has a background in Human Centered Design and has been professionally designing complex systems for two decades. Storytelling is a powerful and ancient practice; they have coached and facilitated workshops to help people break out of fixed and outdated thinking using storytelling, from environmental economics to queer/trans community.

A practitioner of de-armouring and Northern European magic, they use the Wheel of the Year as a framework to navigate at many scales and have led closing rituals at events and festivals using the “Wheel of the Event” framework to help people orient to leaving sacred communal space and return to the mundane.

A maker and repairer of clothing, tools, and community and a lifelong learner, they enjoy reading, listening, and discussing topics about resistance, mutual aid, alternative governance structures, cultural anthropology, sociology, and the way things work. Paulé is on the board of Rewild Portland and gave a talk, Rewilding Loneliness, at the 7th Annual North American Rewilding Conference. They are the co-initiator of the community organization Rewild Salish Sea, part of the Rewild Alliance.