Website Meeting 02-06-24

Regenerate Cascadia Admin Website Meeting
Improvements to the website.

ZoomAI Chapter Headings:

  1. Tracker and Training: Northwest Permaculture Newsletter
  2. Website Optimization and Form Issue Discussion
  3. Community Events and Content Management
  4. Social Media Management Challenges and Opportunities
  5. Plugins, Media Files, and Hosting Capacity
  6. Hosting Service, Tutorial Visibility, Server Requirements
  7. User Role and Permission Issues

Brandon Letsinger reported that he updated the Header for Desktop Computers and Tablets to tighten up the top bar, and create more space for the menu, which I think we will need.

Also added links to Zoom, Telegram, Miro and Google Drive at the top green header bar when logged in. These are also now available on the mobile, to help ease the pain of not having the group (Buddyboss) sidebar.

If signed out. I’ve added a “website under construction, please sign in for zoom link”. So hopefully this will help people find their tools and resources when looking.

Speed of website page loading – I really would love someone who knows what they’re doing to go over¬† all of our server requirements, the server setups that we have . It’s beyond my scope.¬† What I did do to help speed up the website is a back end Buddyboss api. It would help to have someone who knows about cashing.

How to include community events in our event calendar. What are our guildlines? Needs to be figured out. Using Categories and Tags we can make sure calendar for RC core vs other hubs/ecoregions would have their own calendar. Clare Strawn, Brian K and Tanya have otehr events that could be added. Might be blog posts of upcoming events, not just on the calendar.

Mike says there is also Social Media. Our Facebook page is getting renamed to ours vs DOB. Blog posts would be shared to others social media. How do we get our content on our social media? Need a social media person – outreach.

Mike has been doing a bit of research on WP Engine, and they issue a monthly report. If Brandon forwards those to him he can help.

Every Tuesday at 10 am we meet to discuss the website. Please join us if you are interested in taking a leadership role in helping us get up a:
* Front-end website for Regenerate Cascadia that can be a movement portal to help connect a community and organizer backend to a front end.
* A multisite – with templates that easily connect and grow Regenerate Hubs and Guilds.
* An organizer dashboard allows organizers to find tools, resources and onboarding materials they need to be active.
* A backend community site, where people and groups can self-organize and connect.

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