The 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit Feb 5-10th 2024

We are in ecological and cultural overshoot. We face deeply complex, interconnected local and global crises - and they will continue, increasing in intensity. We are called to whole systems transformation – across generations and bioregions – that manifests as both big and bold (revolution) AND small and steady (evolution). The 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit is not your normal conference – by design. Emphasizing intergenerational and place-based (bioregional) dynamics, the Summit will connect the dots across seven broad themes: environment/climate, economy, community, health, education, life course, and Indigenous worldviews/ways of knowing. We'll fractally scale-link from the GTB (Greater Taronto Bioregion)

The 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit is going to be amazing.

The range of people bringing their voices, minds, and hearts to The 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit is humbling.

Many Design School members will be part of the Summit. Joe Brewer, Penny Heiple, Susan Bosak and we,  Brandon Letsinger and Clare Atwell, invite YOU to join us. The Summit is designed for both a local #GTB #GreatLakesBasin audience and an international audience. As a hybrid event, sessions will be virtual/livestreamed, with three in-person sessions (limited seating) for people in the Toronto area.

Don’t expect a traditional conference, where you pick the sessions that interest you and pull out the occasional nugget. The Summit is the unfolding of a story through a series of sessions that slide across themes and scales. Think of it like the blossoming of a flower …

We’re looking to #ChangeTheStory of how we live with each other (social regeneration) on a changing planet (ecological regeneration) in uncertain times. What this looks like in practice is exploring the three foundational pillars for robust bioregional work: Bioregional Learning Center, Tapestry of Projects, Bioregional Foundation with funding ecosystems and governance.

Each session in the Summit has been carefully curated to help evolve the story; every speaker has been specially invited to bring their unique voice and perspective to the story tapestry. Like summiting a mountain, the 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit is reaching for higher insights and practice.

Each day of the Summit is like a new chapter in the story…

This is how it will blossom and unfold.


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5 (virtual) – #ChangeTheStory and Bioregional Learning Centers as a Keystone –

The Honourable David Crombie, former Mayor of Toronto and federal cabinet minister, and author of the seminal 1992 Regeneration report, will open the 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit. Then join us around the Legacy Table for wide-ranging discussions to set the stage for the rest of the Summit.

Can we #ChangeTheStory?

In the afternoon, Joe Brewer will explore Bioregional Learning Centers as keystone structures for (re)learning how to live in our place (follow on by registering for the Birthing BLCs learning journey). He’ll be joined by us, Clare Attwell and Brandon Letsinger of Regenerate Cascadia as we compare learning in #Cascadia to learning in the #GTB.

Find out more about the sessions on Monday, February 5th 2024


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6 (in person Toronto and livestream morning only) Empowering Generations (Intergenerational focus)

In the morning, we’ll explore how generations can walk a regenerative path together, in community. Can we all see ourselves as elders-in-training to find the wisdom we need? Kiran Topiwala will be one of the featured speakers.

In the afternoon, with Dr. Isabela Granic, participants attending in person will explore leadership through the relational ideas of connection and community. They’ll do an embodied intergenerational learning experience drawing on the land and moving from the individualistic Hero’s Journey to the collective concept of the Carrier Bag.

Find out more about the sessions on Tuesday, February 6.


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 (virtual) Dollars and Sense

In the morning, we’ll explore what we value and how that might translate into new financial structures, including a Bioregional Foundation to pool resources for regeneration projects. One of the featured speakers is Samantha Power, formerly with The World Bank and now leading Finance for Gaia; she will present a forthcoming paper on bioregional finance for regeneration.

After that left-brain focus, we’ll engage the right brain in the afternoon with an interactive and inspiring Warm Data sensemaking experience. The session will be led by award-winning filmmaker, artist, international lecturer, research designer, and author Nora Bateson.

Find out more about the sessions on Wednesday, February 7.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (in person Toronto and livestream morning and afternoon) Finding a Third Way (Indigenous focus).

We want to live in the world of the Eagle and the Condor, and on this day we’ll practice for a Bioregional Earth. We need the best of Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge with the best of Western science.
The day will be co-facilitated by Dr. Dan Longboat with Joe Brewer. We’ll also hear from Oren Lyons and his son Rex.
In the morning, Indigenous voices from across Turtle Island share the stories of their landscapes, from Jay Bowen talking about Cascadia and the salmon to Jason Baldes talking about the plains and the buffalo.
In the afternoon, Indigenous leaders and elders offer their counsel as we explore a Third Way forward.

Find out more about the sessions on Thursday, February 8.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9 (virtual) People and Place

In the morning, we explore what it means to listen to the land, with on-the-ground examples. Joe Brewer and Penny Heiple will share what it meant to follow the Colorado River.

In the afternoon, we’ll do a deep dive into the nature of humanity and how we might come together in this critical moment in history. Joe Brewer will be in rich dialogue with Jonathan Rowson, co-founder and Director of Perspectiva. Framing and provocation will be provided by Oren Lyons and his son Rex Lyons. Jay Bowen will also offer his insights.

Find out more about the sessions on Friday, February 9.


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 (in person Toronto and livestream) The Story Emerges: Bioregional Earth

As the 7-Generation Bioregional Earth Summit comes to a close, gather together, ground yourself, find the story.


 I am Bioregional Earth. You are Bioregional Earth. We are Bioregional Earth. My grandmother is Bioregional Earth, and her grandmother. The Buffalo are Bioregional Earth. The Salmon and the Bass are Bioregional Earth. The Cedar tree, and the Maple, White Pine, and Tamarack, are Bioregional Earth. The water, the air, and the stars are Bioregional Earth. 

This promises to be a profound and historic moment as we connect with bioregions around the world to birth Bioregional Earth. If you can’t attend in person, do a watch party to enjoy the event. The event features award-winning, singer-songwriter and composer Mimi O’Bonsawin. Through her rhythm and story-driven songs, Mimi embraces the beauty of the land, all the while yielding to her Franco-Ontarian and Abenaki roots. Check out Mimi’s song Beautiful Place which will have a central role in the event.

Find out more about the final event on Saturday, February 10.


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