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Shall we form a Bioregional Education Guild?

Developing a Cascadia Bioregional Education asset. We meet to form this Guild Stwardship to serve thise working in their local communities to make regenerative knowledge and knowledge holders more accessable.

01.18.24 Education Guild Meeting

This is a weekly meeting to discuss the formation of a stewardship group committed to the formation of a bioregional education guild stewardship group. This would be a group that takes responsibility for the “stewardship” of a “guild” focused on supporting “bioregional education” in “Cascadia”. This requires that we figure out who we are, and come to a shared understanding of what these words mean. Please visit our working guild page to see what we are talking about and then attend a session:…

Zoom Recording for Transcript, AI Summary, AI Next steps and AI Chapters
Passcode: @bFYcL2M

Regenerate Cascadia is asking guild groups to make an update post with this new Meeting Report Back form. This may replace this update posts. Please give feedback on our Discussion Forums – here is our Bioregional Education Guild group’s Discussion Forum.

To connect and learn more about Regenerate Cascadia’s Bioregional Education Guild go here.

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