Gary Foresman

Permaculture designer and mostly residential landscape construction in that field for about ten years with a passion for most all things water: Rainwa…

Robert Bunge

Adult educator, soon to retire, working on global sustainability projects.

Michael Ip

Part-time social worker. Years of volunteering in digital marketing for a small farm. Completed a master degree with a research project on successful …

Robert Bunge

4th generation Tacoma area resident. Active in outdoor recreation. Looking for community projects as I transition to retirement.

Robert Bunge

4th generation in the Tacoma area dating back to the 1880s. Teaching information technology at North Seattle College. In the past couple years I got v…

Will Monk

I'm Will, I'm always hungry, (and after 36 years i finally got an insulin pump, so yes, i can eat that), i sing (deep) bass, I'm a big (cishetwm) siss…


Excited to learn more!

Jiro Isetani

I am interested in making things which are more existing than war and simultaneously more regenerative than peace.

Darren Zal

I live in Victoria, BC. I am inspired by the bioregional way of living and am grateful to live in such a beautiful place here on Vancouver Island. I…

Cameron Ledingham

I'm a climate advocate, mapping professional and permaculture enthusiast interested in exploring how culture, history, conservation, ecology and rewil…