I’m an ancestral lineage healer and weaver between the seen and unseen worlds, including the nature spirits and beings of the land. I also work in peer-led mental health and believe that connection to place is the foundation to good mental health

Kulshan Carbon Trust

Our Mission: To conserve and sequester carbon through collaborative natural climate solutions in Northwest Washington.

Our Vision:We envision people working together to drawdown carbon in ways that regenerate the land and build thrive ing communities.

Howard Sharfstein

Howard Sharfstein is a co-founder and serves as President of the Kulshan Carbon Trust. He is a retired environmental attorney, having worked as legal counsel to Kimberly-Clark’s environmental, energy, safety, and sustainability teams for nearly 25 years. He is also a former corporate sustainability leader. In fact, Howard was a charter member of the Atlanta Sustainability Leadership Forum.

After his retirement in 2017, Howard taught Environmental Law and Energy Policy at Western Washington University and is a climate resilience and restoration advisor in his hometown of Bellingham, WA.

Simon Vlas

I grew up on a farm in Lynden, Washington. Attended WSU to study Agriculture Technology and am now I am the Vice President of Planet One Solutions. I am starting a Food Forest / Permaculture Design and Install Company and am looking to partner with and learn from entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Danny Breiwick

I just moved to place I am designing for just outside of Bellingham Washington. I am looking for inspiration and connection in growing this project- to provide for the family, repair the earth, grow community, and provide an example of permaculture in action.

Steve Hansen Hansen

I am a retired software developer, living in a cohousing community in Bellingham. I am an avid practitioner of Buddhist meditation and philosophy,