Lindsay Price

My PhD and career have focused on GHG mitigation. I'm used to taking an analytical, system-based perspective to emissions sources, but can see that th…

Simon Quarmby

Ex corporate ex finance web3 new paradigm systems thinking philosopher technologist accountant change-maker facilitator. Degen to regen.

FionaRhea Rickford

CampOma is located in Eagle Creek (about 45 minutes from Portland) on 120 forested acres. We are in the formative stages and looking for folks who wan…

Dave Olson

Making poems pods paints & pickles in a cottage in provincial Japan. Wandered widely, lived long in Van, BC (many areas & eras), OlyWa + stint…

Annelieke Verkerk

My personal calling is to champion inclusive and regenerative living systems across all scales. Over the years I have devoted myself to supporting bio…

Kathryn Alexander MA

Working on a water keeping project strongly connected to compost for city of Spokane.

Carlos Koppen

Greetings! My name is Carlos. I am a designer and builder of decentralized autonomous homes, colloquially known as Earthships.