Lindsay Price

My PhD and career have focused on GHG mitigation. I’m used to taking an analytical, system-based perspective to emissions sources, but can see that there are many other lenses represented here that I would do well to learn about.

Simon Quarmby

Ex corporate ex finance web3 new paradigm systems thinking philosopher technologist accountant change-maker facilitator. Degen to regen.

FionaRhea Rickford

CampOma is located in Eagle Creek (about 45 minutes from Portland) on 120 forested acres. We are in the formative stages and looking for folks who want to help build. I’m passionate about helping people getting out of prison restore their lives, starting an Outdoor School and a kids tea party business as well as hosting healing retreats for medical people, in particular, and drug and smoke free music concerts, Oregon trail reenactments and survival skills. I want to build a big cordwood castle and many other natural building structures.
Come join us!

Dave Olson

Making poems pods paints & pickles in a cottage in provincial Japan. Wandered widely, lived long in Van, BC (many areas & eras), OlyWa + stints in Seattle, BHam, Eugene etc

Annelieke Verkerk

My personal calling is to champion inclusive and regenerative living systems across all scales. Over the years I have devoted myself to supporting bioregioning and other regenerative / sustainable projects and initiatives around the globe and to supporting the inner development and resilience of change-makers, communities, teams and organizations.

I facilitate Regenerative Constellations on environmental, social, economic, organizational, ancestral and leadership / personal issues on all continents, live and online. ‘Constellating Cascadia – supporting bioregioning across all scales’ is the project I want to devote myself to in 2024/2025.

My support of bioregional and other regenerative initiatives comes from a deep sense of being in service to the earth and the common good – my motivation since I was 16 years of age – and from an intention to give back, so all my Regenerative Constellation work and Human Potential coaching of changemakers around the globe I offer for free.

As an international coach for leaders, change-makers, teams and organizations I am passionate about developing conscious, embodied and regenerative leadership, working with (eco)systemic dynamics across all scales and facilitating transformation and culture change.

Besides 20+ years of (eco)systemic coaching education and experience, I bring 15 years of experience in staff and leadership positions with the University of Groningen and Dutch Government.

I am nurtured by nature, art and poetry and I love to dance, also with the paradoxes of life.

Please reach out to me at . My new website is under construction.

Kathryn Alexander MA

Working on a water keeping project strongly connected to compost for city of Spokane.

Carlos Koppen

My name is Carlos. I am a designer and builder of decentralized autonomous homes, colloquially known as Earthships.

Don Tipping

I have had an organic farm and seed company here in Southern Oregon for the past 27 years. My seed company is called Siskiyou seeds. We have also been a living example of permaculture in action for that entire time. We actually earn our living through farming and have many examples of food, forest animal systems, Permaculture farm techniques, ecological, forestry, and water harvesting.

Johnnie Kuo

I have yet to be born in harmony with nature.

Youngblood Robin

Robin Youngblood is a Wisdom Keeper who has traveled the world sharing the perspectives, values and wisdom of her indigenous Coastal and Inland Salish peoples.