Process for starting a Guild: Flow

  1. Steward: Create a user account and log in. 
  2. Bioregional Admin: Get “Ambassador” user role. 
  3. Steward: Fill out the Application on RC Guild to Create a Guild 
  4. Bioregional Admin:
    1. We review your form and upgrades your role to “Steward.” Send an MOU document and organizers handbook with organizer policies in it. 
    2. Organizers become considered a “Scaffolding Team”.
    3. You or we add your group information to the Group formation Log:
    4. Create an RC page for the group using the information provided in the form.
      1. The page has an integrated Blog and Event Calendar, a Form for people to get involved, as well as a description of the form from the people who set it up. 
    5. Julie Wolf ( will create an RC BuddyBoss Community (Groups & Forum) , and set you as the Steward.
    6. We add a calendar tag/category. Update the log in form.
    7. Create an email address for the Scaffolding Team
      1. Create a Folder in the Google Drive
      2. Give a Zoom License to the Email  
      3. Give access to the YouTube Channel.
  5. Set a time/day for your initial meeting. We recommend using when2meet: and share set a time that works for people in your group. 
  6. Add your information to the calendar.  Use the primary RC zoom line, and make sure the first meeting is recorded to the cloud.
    1. New Steward Welcoming Committee can help if needed. 
    2. Tanja follows up, if an event hasn’t been made and supports to assure an event has been to the calendar within 1-2 days.

Having Your First Meeting.

  1. For new guild or Guild, a bioregional steward should be present to answer questions. You can use the bioregional zoom line.
    1. An initial stewardship team should be created.
    2. A monthly time should be set for regular meetings.
  2. If it’s a new group project, a watershed/guild steward should be present. You can use Your dedicated group zoom line. And initial stewardship team should be created.
  3. If it’s a new committee, a bioregional steward should be present. You can use the bioregional zoom line. An initial stewardship team should be created.
  4. First Meeting Followup: 
    1. Zoom Gets downloaded and added to the youtube channel. Private – i.e. accessale for embed/link, but not publicly searchable (Unlisted). 
    2. Youtube – and Meeting Notes are included in a blog post which is shared on the website, through the Meeting reportback form. 

After the First Meeting

Monthly Organizing Meeting

Quarterly Guild Meeting