Columbia River

Design Pathways for Regenerating Earth at the Columbia River Discovery Center

Join Joe Brewer and the Design School for Regenerating Earth for our primary presentation at the Columbia River Discovery Center. 

We have a gathering space for breakouts and presentations from 1-4 pm – 10 am. Meet up to enter the discovery center together; sign up for a burrito lunch for noon if interested.

The main presentation is at 5:30 pm.

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Opening Ceremony at Celilo Falls

Join us for the opening ceremony of the Bioregional Activation tour with Lana Jack at Celilo Falls. We will learn more about Celilo Wyam village, one of the oldest continuously inhabited spaces in North America, dating back hundreds and thousands of generations. 

More details are coming soon.

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Community Weaving in the Columbia River at Atlan Ecovillage

Join us onsite at the Collaboratory at Atlan Ecovillage. During the afternoon and evening, we will ground ourselves in space, learn from community presentations from communities around the Columbia River, and explore topics such as Regenerative Economies, Pro-Social behavior, Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives and Community Land Trusts, followed by a special community KinDin. 
If you are thinking about joining, make sure to sign the Atlan waiver here:

More details coming soon.

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