Larry Iaccino

I worked in the Houston area for a major corporation for 34 years leading R&D programs but retired at the end of 2021.  My partner and I relocated to this area to be able to do more outdoor activities and live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.  We purchased a 34-acre property that had originally been a dairy farm (homesteaded in 1878).  The property had been severely abused by the previous owner for the past 40 years.  We are working to regenerate the property for both agricultural use and natural habitats.  In our first two years, most of our effort has been:

+ removing trash and invasive species;
+ beginning to improve soil quality with organic material (ag and forestry waste), cover crops and biochar;
+ beginning to plant fruit trees, berries, grapes, native plants and seasonal gardens.

Being new to the PNW, we are on a steep learning curve: climate, flora, fauna, etc.