Larry Greene

Founder and Director of Navigating Our Future (
Political Economic Systems Change Consultant and Social Impact Marketing Communications
I am a whole community systems change consultant and Founder/Executive Director, Navigating Our Future, a 501 (c) (3) organization. (

I work to develop specific elements of a new societal systemic design of our capitalistic, social and political systems to support values that our nation was built upon and move toward a society that realizes the dream of equality for all, strong, participatory democracy, liberty, social justice, regenerative community development and economics.

I started as a marketing communications consultant who became interested in using my skills to effect social change.

Following selling my business, Network Direct, Inc, after a successful 30+ year career in the call center services and direct marketing business, I retired to focus on cause-related work in education and building healthy, vital, sustainable communities and economies.

My skills include:
– bringing people together around positive, hopeful, yet attainable visions and practical ways to implement them to attain a better future society;
– expertise and experience in integrated, mass media direct response marketing to achieve socially responsible goals and objectives;
– a passion about and understanding of subjects like systems change, sustainability, climate change, participatory democracy and education to create new forms for educating and engaging citizens.