Lansing Scott

Learned about bioregionalism from Planet Drum & Gary Snyder while in college. Worked at RAIN magazine after college, which helped grow the Cascadia bioregional movement. Got involved in organizing Cascadia bioregional congresses after attending the first one in 1986 at Evergreen State College. Was lead organizer for the Bioregional Congress of Pacific Cascadia at Breitenbush in 1988, & the Mish Bioregional Gathering at Deception Pass in 1990. Been involved in various indy media projects since working at RAIN, including the Portland Alliance, Seattle Community Catalyst, the Seattle Independent Media Center, Eat the State!, & Catalytic Community. Was grateful to see the Cascadian bioregional resurgence in the 21st century, & connected with Brandon Letsinger several years ago to see how I could be of service. Helped launch Cascadia Spoke.