Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid Edstrom is total nerd with a hungry mind and a passion for helping others be their best selves in service to our beautiful world. Her superpowers are manifestation and positive change, even (especially) when change is scary. She loves asking the big questions that confront people with their own personal freedom, and really enjoys developing collaborative relationships with people who are brilliant, grounded in spirituality, and also working to save the world. She is on the board of the Post Growth Institute, is a founder of the Accounting Alchemy Network, volunteers as a course moderator for the Pachamama Alliance, and participates in several other org communities, such as YesWorld Jams, School for the Great Turning, New and Ancient Story, Humane Leadership Institute, and others. Professionally, Ingrid coaches businesses on developing regenerative and values-based approaches, and teaches courses on networking, leadership, mental fitness, and regenerative accounting principles. She is a Certified Business Coach through the Woodard Institute, a Certified PQ Mental Fitness Coach through Positive Intelligence, and just got certified as a Working Genius consultant. She is also working with her local chapter of the Pachamama Alliance and Oregon Water League to develop rights of nature for the Rogue River and surrounding local watershed, and working to use some of the education from that experience to develop rights of nature for the 2 acres she stewards where she grows most of her own food, including goats and chix. When Ingrid is not actively working to heal the world, she is usually playing Irish music, doing a Joe Dispenza meditation, or having a deep conversation about quantum physics & chaos magick.