Angela Zehava Zehava

I’m graduate educated, 57 years old. I have been a Permaculturist for 20 years, and I have worked on uncountable political campaigns as a volunteer. I have been raising two kids to adulthood. I would like to reconnect with the permaculture community with an interest in promoting Regenerative Agriculture/improving water infiltration on regional farms. I’ve thought that it might be a good idea to work with a group to map regional farms/ranches, coding them by farming practices, and contact conventional farms directly to provide education & resources to transition to more sustainable practices. Regenerative film festivals in small farming towns? Speaking events? Working with Middle & High schools in small farming towns? I’m an excellent writer, so maybe that skill could be useful.

I am a melanoma survivor, so I only work outside early on overcast days or in the shade, which is very limiting. Thus, participating in field stations/restoration would not be my work. I’m more interested in sales, so to speak–spreading the word about Regenerative Ag, permaculture, etc., organizing.

I am a bit of a Luddite, but I am willing and able to learn new systems. I have used Zoom quite a bit, but I haven’t hosted sessions.

The above ticked interests are things I am curious about–I probably cannot become deeply involved in all of them–and it seems to me that watersheds and Regenerative Ag are linked.