Gary Foresman

Permaculture designer and mostly residential landscape construction in that field for about ten years with a passion for most all things water: Rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, natural building and earth works, irrigation systems…
I have added interest in local politics, community building and art, and food and water resiliency.

Azoulas Yurashunas

I am the environmental coordinator for Havenroot, a campground and event venue in Veneta, OR. I manage a 219 acre forest that surrounds a stretch of a perennial creek, which is among the headwaters of the Long Tom River. Myself and my associates are attempting to democratically self-govern a community that is founded on the stewardship of the land.

Ron Milam

I grew up in Southern California and attended college in the Pacific Northwest, where I first fell in love with Cascadia. I later returned to Los Angeles and lived in an intentional community, the Los Angeles Eco-Village, which practiced community-decision making, permaculture and climate resilience in an urban context. I started a nonprofit bicycle advocacy coalition and later launched my own consulting practice, serving numerous networks as a facilitator. After a short stint working on affordable housing related issues in New York City, I spent a summer bicycling from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, connecting with leadership working on a broad array of sustainability oriented issues along the way. My wife grew up in Seattle and for the last 15 years, we’ve spent time in Cascadia visiting her family. In late 2020, we made a big pandemic move to Seattle, where we are now raising our three children. I’ve fallen back in love with the bioregion and am looking for opportunities to deepen my engagement here.

Robert Bunge

Adult educator, soon to retire, working on global sustainability projects.

Seth Bunev

I’m a writer and outdoor educator, I teach survival skills and experiment with appropriate technology.

Barbara Mueser

Permaculture practitioner and enthusiast, plant and seed saving, forest gardens, soil building.

Joseph Bonnell-Hall

I live on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation on my family’s 40 acres forested hill. I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2014 with a double major in Environmental Studies and Native American Studies. I completed the Ecoversity Permaculture Project Design Certification in 2024.

Michael Ip

Part-time social worker. Years of volunteering in digital marketing for a small farm. Completed a master degree with a research project on successful factors for making community gardens thrive in Greater Victoria

John Quetzalcoatl Murray

Would encourage a constitutional convention to write a new constitution with human rights, rights of nature, and bottom-up grassroots watershed democracy

Perry Lovelace

I am dedicated to the sustainability of our sacred water resource. Rising communities’ with syntropic focus have to be created because the old 3D system of separation are collapsing.