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Jeffree Mocniak

Doing community, expanding notions of what community entails, practicing permaculture and bioregionalism, co-learning a sense of place, establishing w…

Andrew Tuttle

A student of permaculture. Designer, educator, and developer of Edge Perma, a virtual permaculture learning platform. Designer at Redtail Edge Design.

Marylou Hardy

Sunshine Coast based -work at the intersection of nature, tech, monetary reform, art and community. Interested beyond the visible.

Sammy Davies

Educator on a mission to reduce waste and enliven a climate conscious community. Some call me an enroller to composting too! Topics of interest: …

Alan Stein Stein

I am the author & publisher of my book. Hopi Prophecy Now: One Heart Awakening

Kathleen Allen

mother, permaculturist, environmental steward. retired naturopathic pediatrician, board certified lactation consultant, and midwife. she/they

Tracey Abbott

Passionate about the intersection between systems change + collective leadership + consciousness.

Lisa Widner

I am focused on promoting the best human practices in order to elevate our current mindset/reality. I enjoy boldly expressing myself in all the color…

Shawn Anderson

Entrepreneurial Data Scientists, Yogi, Solarpunk designer. Working full time in web3 since 2018. MSc. Computing Science. Founder Longtail Financial. C…