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Muneeb Kalenandi

My career as a DV/SA Social Worker/Admin ended with a car accident, and then being struck by a car 2 years later, as a pedestrian. Lifelong environmen…

Kris Fade

Inspired by regenerative farming practices that bring to life the true character of a distinct site, Kris shepherds some of the nation's first Biodyna…

Margo Martinez

I am an Education and Earth advocate. At this point in my learning journey I am trying to better understand how to live in harmony with nature, learni…

donna luckey

I am an elder dwelling on the traditional lands of the Wiyot people, Humboldt Bay, California (Arcata). I have taught about bioregions and watersheds …

Kaleb Hoeffgen

Hello! I am a bioregionalist dedicated to the transformation of our institutions toward sustainable and equitable Bioregional nationhood.

Zaylan Jacobsen

I am a Cascadian who loves the mountains of Cascadia and works in technology in Seattle