Sandy Wiggins

I currently serve as Chief Learning Officer for Future Tide Partners, an initiative of Rising Tide Capital that equips individuals and institutions to shift consciousness, culture, and capital towards an inclusive, flourishing future economy.

Since 2004, I have also been Principal of Consilience LLC, a national consultancy with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable communities. And I am also a co-creator and faculty with the Choosing Earth Project, an initiative to foster understanding of the magnitude, speed, and depth of the challenges confronting humanity and the creative opportunities for transformation.

In the past, I’ve served as a national leader in the fields of Social Finance/Impact Investing, Local Living Economies, and Green Building. As a Sr. Advisor to RSF Social Finance and a member of RSF’s Field Building Collaborative, I founded and co-facilitated the Local Economy Foundation Circle, an initiative that helped philanthropies shift their corpora into place-based impact investments. Through my consultancy, Consilience, I’ve helped birth institutional impact investment strategies, regional sustainability public policy, corporate sustainability plans, community redevelopment plans and sustainable master plans in communities around the U.S. During my prior career in the real estate industry, I was responsible for the development of over sixty LEED certified commercial projects, one of the nation’s first Living Building Challenge projects, and one of the first Living Community Challenge projects.

I was also co-founder and Chair of e3bank, a triple bottom line bank focused on redirecting the flow of capital toward a sustainable world. I served for 10 years as Chair of BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, now Common Future), and I was a past Chair of U.S. Green Building Council and the Founding Chair of Green Business Certification Inc. I was also Founding Chair of the Philadelphia based Green Building United, and a co-author of LEED for Neighborhood Development

I live in Washington, DC with my wife and daughter. I am a lifelong meditator and a certified Integrative Breathwork practitioner, certified GROF® Breathwork (holotropic) facilitator and Mindfulness Meditation teacher.

Gary Foresman

Permaculture designer and mostly residential landscape construction in that field for about ten years with a passion for most all things water: Rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, natural building and earth works, irrigation systems…
I have added interest in local politics, community building and art, and food and water resiliency.

Azoulas Yurashunas

I am the environmental coordinator for Havenroot, a campground and event venue in Veneta, OR. I manage a 219 acre forest that surrounds a stretch of a perennial creek, which is among the headwaters of the Long Tom River. Myself and my associates are attempting to democratically self-govern a community that is founded on the stewardship of the land.

Teri Ciacchi

please see my websites and the writings there. I am a visionary elder witch and thought leader in theintersections of Ecofeminist Ecosex and Psychedelics movements.

christian michelle

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Pat Carlone

Living in San Geronimo, Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, since 1983, active in local environmental organizations, part of San Geronimo Valley Emergency Readiness, a volunteer in local restoration projects.

Perry Lovelace

I am dedicated to the sustainability of our sacred water resource. Rising communities’ with syntropic focus have to be created because the old 3D system of separation are collapsing.

Maria Jett

Farmer. Academic. Appalachian. Human rights champion.

Robert Bunge

4th generation Tacoma area resident. Active in outdoor recreation. Looking for community projects as I transition to retirement.