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Zaylan Jacobsen

I am a Cascadian who loves the mountains of Cascadia and works in technology in Seattle

james brown

Community, nature and regenerative connections orientation.

Pamela Pascual

Pamela Pascual is an emergent strategist and designer working in the intersection of Web3 and biodesigned experiments. She is the founder of Amber …

Phoebe Barnard

Global change scientist, filmmaker, policymaker, environmental and societal futurist. Specifics: biodiversity, climate, land use change, populati…

Margaret Sanger

Great granddaughter of Oregon homesteaders/colonizers who’s lived mostly in the PNW with time NM, CO and TX. Queer, white, middle aged human endeavo…

Aven Frey

Building a permaculture-based urban ecovillage in Bremerton

Bodhi Hill

I grew up in the suburban johnson creek watershed, with no deep sense of place. My adult life has been an exploration of what it means to be from here…