Sheila Bélanger

Sheila Bélanger is a dynamic and catalyzing guide to your transformation journey at the inner edge territories. She has over 40 years effectively translating consciousness-shifting inner work practices into life-changing ways.

Deborah Koff Chapin

I am an artist, sound healer and group facilitator. I teach the process of Touch Drawing and have published SoulCards 1&2, Portals of Presence, and books on creative process. I offer a weekly Song Bath Sanctuary.

Joy Shayne Laughter

Hoosier translated to Pacific Northwest circa 1986. Lived in Seattle 1986-2007, with 2 years in Hudson River Valley/NYC/Brooklyn. Professional experience in print journalism, office admin. Creative passion for screenwriting, fiction. Volunteer Producer for documentary films. Back to Bloomington, IN 2007-2022, cared for Mom and learned Radio Journalism: Local news, arts programs, podcasts, for community and public radio. Published a novel and several short stories. Five years grant writer for two nonprofits focused on helping Indigenous tribes revive their languages. Returned to PNW/Everett in 2022, relocated to Whidbey in June 2023. *Interested* in all of your topics above, but ready to contribute and connect it all through media & broadcasting. Dreaming of a radio/podcast/streaming interview show on regenerative topics for Salish Sea bioregion. Beginning with a blog about what is happening already to regenerate watersheds and bioregions.