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Event Volunteer Signup Form

Feel free to use Address Line 2 or 1 or City to name your Ecoregion, Bioregion or First Nations place, ie, Salish Sea, Cascadia, etc
Describe other in last comment. Example: IM chat (Social Media, WhatsApp, FB Msgr, Telegram), CB or Shortwave Radio, postal letter, carrier pigeon, etc
Name of the Event and url if there is a web address.
This helps identify which event you want to help with. Check our Events Calendar:
Describe other in SKILLS below.
Breakout Zoom rooms may need facilitators, note takers and time keepers and maybe recorders (files uploaded from your local machine).
Note takers and collaborators, especially for small group breakouts during our open space/unconference style events, will use Miro (or GoogleDoc).
Our Regenerate Cascadia website has a Report Back form you can find under Start Here when logged (joining is free) under Organizing Tools. This creates Latest Updates on the home page and is very helpful! Or go here:
For follow up and volunteer question, please contact