How can we use seeds to help Regenerate Cascadia?  By working together in holistic ways to create a barter-exchange-trading system based around seeds.  Our objective is not to detrimentally impact existing seed suppliers, our objective is to turn as much arable land into growing food and beneficial crops as possible. 

Our Waterproof Seed Storage at Eugene Backyard Farmer in Eugene OR.

Seeds cannot be printed nor manufactured yet they truly can be grown in exponential ways and we will pay extremely close attention to improving seed quality and vigor.  One more important point, obviously there are Seed-Exchanges going on and have been for years.  What we are attempting to create via the Cascadia Seed Guild is permanent Seed Exchanges via libraries-businesses etc in strategically important locations. This is an example of one third of our Seed Exchange storage, in Eugene Oregon. This is a permanent exchange available at Eugene Backyard Farmer, 6 days a week, 10AM to 6PM daily.