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Regenerative Constellations Workshop

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Nov 5, 2023 @ 10:00 am

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Nov 5, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

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Regenerative Constellations can unblock and bring more flow into actual bioregional, local and other initiatives with a regenerative, sustainability, ecological, social, economic, ancestral or leadership angle. We will work with questions from participants that are close to their heart. You are very welcome if you want to constellate a question as a case-giver, if you want to take part in someone else’s constellation or if you are simply curious to see how this process unfolds.

If you are not familiar with this way of working: constellations are a collective, embodied process for system-sensing. A constellation makes visible issues, dynamics and relations in a field through the use of representatives. During the process workshop participants can be chosen to represent elements from the system we work with. The facilitator will guide the process and invite participants to share what they experience and resonate with. In a 2-hour session we make visible and tangible the ‘force field’, the relations and dynamics that are at play and connect to what is really going on in the undercurrent, on a practical and on a ‘soul’ level. So you get a better sense of what needs to be faced and where there is potential in terms of openings, levers or a next step.

To give an example: last year I facilitated an insightful constellation pertaining to a regenerative forest, water and education project on the Spanish highlands, where the field showed the potential and the entrance point to get the project into more flow. And how important it is to really tune into and listen to the Land.

We are all part of multiple and nested systems. A Regenerative Constellation is an opportunity to see how you, your initiative or organization relates to the environmental or societal issue at hand, to the various stakeholders and to the larger ecosystemic and social dynamics that are at play. Case-givers and participants are usually touched by the profound insights that open up when undercurrents become visible and tangible, beyond what an intellectual analysis could provide.

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My personal calling is to champion inclusive and regenerative living systems and to support the inner development and resilience of changemakers and their projects and initiatives.
Currently I facilitate Regenerative Constellations on environmental, social, economic, organizational, ancestral and leadership / personal issues,.
As an international Leadership, Team and Organizational Coach and Consultant I am passionate about developing conscious, embodied and regenerative leadership, working with team and organizational dynamics and facilitating transformation and culture change.
Besides 20+ years of (eco)systemic coaching education and experience along all scales, I bring 15 years of experience in staff and leadership positions with the University of Groningen and Dutch Government, as Head of the Insurance Division of the Ministry of Finance and as Deputy Director-General of the Dutch Competition Authority.
I love to dance, also with the paradoxes of life.

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Date :
05 November 2023
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10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Annelieke Verkerk

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