Working at the intersection of community building, filmmaking, sustainability, and education, Rose has created some effective tools with which to reinforce the importance of understanding how interconnected our world really is. Her film series of shorts, Connectivity Project, weaves together voice such as Fritjof Capra, Indigenous Wisdom Keepers, scientists, activists, and much more, empowering an understanding that our actions indeed make a huge difference in the world. Along with curricula that accompanies this work, schools and focus groups from 5th grade through adulthood have benefited from the conversations that are sparked by the this deeper way of understanding.
She is seeking ways for these films to be useful in the world, so please reach out if you want to learn more.
You can see the trailers on the website.

With a background in Botany, Herbal Medicine and sustainability, a sense of place has always been forefront, informing her actions. She has taken that sense of place and the importance of understanding how our actions impact others, and created tools to inspire awe, interconnections and a sense of responsibility.