Join the Tour and Summit!

You are invited!

Regenerate Cascadia is a long-term vision and process that works with on-the-ground communities to design and implement new governance, ecology, and economy frameworks for the regeneration and health of our bioregion. 

From October 1-31st, we will travel in communities around Cascadia as part of a bioregional activation tour. This will lead to a hybrid summit, where groups can share lessons and challenges and create a shared vision and framework to cocreate funded bioregional councils in each watershed for the long-term regeneration of Salmon Nation and the Cascadia bioregion.

Through this process, we will be mapping a coherent and collective bioregional vision that we all help create for the formation of long-term watershed and bioregional councils able to facilitate governance and a regenerative finance ecosystem to see groups supported in the work they are doing.

Ways to join Regenerate Cascadia:

  • Activation Tour October 1-31, 2023: Connect with an existing group! Currently, we have stops and working groups in Portland, Columbia River, Cottage Grove/Eugene, Seattle, Bellingham, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Victoria/Vancouver Island, and Vancouver. Each stop will feature presentations, workshops, and field trips facilitated by a local on-the-ground team. You can connect with an existing group or contact us if you would like to host a stop on the route.
  • Bioregional Summit Nov 4-12, 2023: Lead a workshop or present! If you are doing work that you think is valuable and want to connect with others, join us for our Bioregional Summit in person and online from November 4-12. This is an open-space format event, and we will focus on documenting the participants and community leaders making this event happen and sharing it with everyone afterward.
  • Add yourself to the map! Please help us create powerful directories of groups and organizations active in each watershed and ecoregion throughout Cascadia, already doing the work of regenerating our bioregion. We want to visualize the connections of those present and also so we can highlight the voices not here that we need to reach out with.

How to Connect:

  • Join our telegram group at
  • Join our Cascadia bioregion hylo group at
  • Find your local hylo group on our Activation Tour page here.
  • Submit a presentation or workshop for the bioregional summit here
  • Add yourself to the map here
  • Add a program, community or group to the map here

This is an opportunity for every group to catalyze and empower their work, connect with new audiences, and form long-term networks that are the “interconnective tissue” for their watersheds and places. Participants will be invited to “add themselves to the map”, for their communities and groups, so that we can focus not only on the activation tour and summit, but what comes before, and how we work together for what comes after.