As we weave our work through an activation tour and bioregional summit, our goal is for a long-term bioregional impact fund to support the work of regeneration within the Cascadia bioregion. 

The purpose of the Bioregional Impact Fund is for the long-term regeneration of the Cascadia bioregion. It connects responsible funders with on-the-ground stewardship projects and frontline communities to create a regenerative financing ecosystem. 

  • 15% Digital Ecosystem & Tools: grow our digital movement ecosystem, investing in technology and tools that increase data sovereignty, interconnectedness, and informational commons. 
  • 15% Global Fund: grow and support bioregional movements, activation, and regeneration around the world. 
  • 15% Bioregion Fund: Investing in the governance of our bioregion. Funding local activation and regeneration tours, bioregional congresses and watershed scale governance. 
  • 55% Local Watershed Hubs: Invests in frontline communities, watershed hubs, bioregional learning centers, and on-the-ground stewardship projects.