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Reply To: work party anyone?

  • Paul

    February 4, 2024 at 11:04 am

    Hi @ntilson @anitamarie91

    There are networks that have formed around the Telegram group that have been having conversations about how to develop protocols and etiquette for how to use the platform well, and in turn how to evolve the platform to reflect a system of protocol and etiquette better! Which is why it is so fun and interesting to have our own platform that we can control.

    To my understanding… the tools are:

    FORUMS/FEEDS/DISCUSSSIONS – we can have as many forums as we want, including too many! Right now they are organized in four clumps… PLACE, TOPIC, PROJECT (which I wonder if this is too much). There is no Site Stewardship Forum, but I think there should be.

    CALENDARS/EVENTS – this organizes information into Events… that can also have categories… and you can filter and present calendars. You can create a calendar event, and create a tag for events you want to present elsewhere on the site.

    POSTS – this is the underlying blog functionality of WordPress, which allows each post to have various categories and attributes, and you can filter and present a sub-set of posts. We’ve talked about having Posts that describe ongoing projects that are looking for collaborators.

    PAGES – these are less like posts in that they are intended to be a finite set of stable pages that provide the architecture of place and topic.

    This is a description of the technology we have, but it doesn’t describe the social structures. The working proposal is that people form groups around FORUMS either based on PLACE or by TOPIC. I think “land stewardship” could be its own TOPIC forum (with topics ultimately forming into GUILDS through some process we are all still imagining… we have been having ongoing conversations on how to support a Bioregional Learning Guild Here)… whereas Salish Sea – North Megapolis/Snohomish Basin could be a PLACE (the one surrounding Anita for example…) Ideally these topics and places have categories…

    I think therefore there are three levels of engagement…

    1. Post a one-off event to the calendar
    2. Create a project post that presents your project more coherently and links to the next events and a discussion on a forum.
    3. Find collaborators to develop a Site Stewardship Guild that can cultivate the platform to support site stewards across cascadia.

    For one-off events, I’d use the calendar EVENT. Once you have an ongoing project, I’d create a POST with the appropriate categories, and then create a category or tag for your calendar entries… you can then have your part of the calendar show up on your POST.

    Once we have a Site Stewardship GUILD, with its own PAGE, we can curate all the POSTS, EVENTS, and DISCUSSIONS about site stewardship on a page.

    What this all means to me, is that if we want the infrastructure that does what we want, we CAN build it here, but it requires investment. However, industrial society being what it is… we are dependant on infrastructure… we either create it for ourselves or we live into that dependency. Something like that anyway… 🙂