Regenerate Cascadia (Welcome Group)

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  • Brad

    January 16, 2024 at 1:51 pm

    Hello, I’m Brad and very new to regenerative work. Currently living in Grand Junction Colorado but planning to move to Bellingham summer 2024! My wife will be applying for a position teaching social work at Whatcom Community College. We have 3 boys 8,7 and 4 years old. Looking for a place to live and a way to get into meaningful community and meaningful work during this momentous time in human history. I’m 48 and have a background in travel, outdoor sports and wildland fire. Although that was lifetimes ago and other than raising my kids most recently I had been taking care of my father who passed away from dementia. I’ve just started to driving for Uber as a way to practice my social skills and observe intimately how the late stage capitalist beast functions. Nice to be here.