Regenerate Cascadia (Welcome Group)

Reply To: Website Idea Log – What can be improved? SUGGESTIONS HERE

  • Tanja

    January 12, 2024 at 3:50 pm

    Correct – Art shouldn’t have a page yet.

    A community gains Hub status when it has an active steward/leadership team (and the form has been submitted – once it’s been completed) – like for example Whidbey & Whatcom. The pages for those 2 hubs already show up for anyone/the public when not logged in.

    The same is true for a guild. Pages for confirmed guilds with leadership teams (Seeds, Bioregional Education & Bioregional Mapping) are showing for anyone when not logged in. I believe for the moment we decided not to have them show up once logged in, because it’s too confusing for new users to see a page and a group. You can take it off your list to think about since it’s already in place. 🙂