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Reply To: Website Idea Log – What can be improved? SUGGESTIONS HERE

  • Julie

    Steward Admin
    January 11, 2024 at 4:58 pm


    You mean Art & Culture shouldn’t have a page? (I made a place holder-page – oops) Did you notice my temporary Art & Culture Page and this is why you mention it?

    I continue to note the way everyone, especially you, use terms. So a community will not gain a Hub status when it gets active and a Steward? I realized from this discussion that the reason a “locality”(?) or watershed gets a page is when they (the community group or maybe ecoregion) become active enough and have leadership like Whatcom and Whidby, but isn’t that called a Hub?

    I starting thinking about how Page of a watershed (Hub?) can show outwardly and inwardly to the non logged in member and the logged in member. Maybe you have plans for this anyway and I can just wait and see.