Reply To: Website Idea Log – What can be improved? SUGGESTIONS HERE

  • cascadiabrandon

    January 10, 2024 at 12:12 am

    Hi Julie,

    So, the main thing is that this menu will get very unwieldy very fast, and be confusing because it’s not being organized. For example, we also need to add Whidbey and Whatcom to it… so now we have hubs, and guilds in the same space. and just visually, this will be a huge menu very soon later.

    – Pages show default for people logged out in the main menu
    – Groups show default for people logged in.

    Making a page show up under about or organizer tools, or the start here menu – that appears for when people are logged in – is a good idea. But it may be worth just having a single page, rather than a whole menu – that then people can find a portfolio of pages. Not sure though yet.

    I’ll check in on the menu tomorrow.