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Reply To: Website Idea Log – What can be improved? SUGGESTIONS HERE

  • Julie

    Steward Admin
    January 9, 2024 at 11:36 pm

    Pages need to be visable. Topics show groups only now (was pages or a mix of pages and groups) to logged in members only (great insentive for visitors new to the site to want to join (to access Discussion (forums)). Website visitors (and maybe everyone, logged in members too) need to see the Networks Groups (Pages) to know they want to join the website or (for logged in joined members) be inspired to engage and cross pollinate. So I did an experiment (which I didnt have a chance to explain to Brandon today in both the website meeting nor the “admin” meeting today (Tues).

    This Network Groups menu item IS visable with out logging in! It will make pages visable with links to everything a group needs (links that work for logged in members only in the case of Groups Discussion and Resources, etc. GDocs and other off site links are still obviously visable.

    Problem I couldn’t solve, was the 4th Page (Seed Guild) would not show and I dont know why. Even changed the Mega Menu structure. Brandon can you help?

    I put this under About (for now, or for good) just so it doesnt mess with Topics or the top level main menus. It did weird things under Topics (also probably an indication that I need to learn more about Mega Menus or something). Enlighten me Brandon!

    And what does everyone think?