Regenerate Cascadia (Welcome Group)

Reply To: Website Idea Log – What can be improved? SUGGESTIONS HERE

  • Paul Cereghino

    January 9, 2024 at 9:14 am

    I’ve been digging in trying to make sense of the categorization pattern. I think I am slowly understanding the relationship between forums, groups, sub-groups, and group types. Also been researching various plug-ins and tools for creating custom group content, either to modify the existing “group pages”, or to construct new “group dashboards” using WP pages and displaying group elements (discussions, feeds, etc). It seems like short codes are pretty lacking in buddy press.

    I am now wrestling with trying to make sense of a “founding metaphor”. Cyberspace is disorienting. The possibilities are endless and multidimensional. I think it helps to have some kind of terrestrial metaphor to help make the flow of the site feel human and legible. I am thinking of this website as “an inn at the crossroads”. I’ve played with that narrative in the past, and it sticks for me. The core group are the innkeepers. However, it’s a magical inn that always add another hallway, or another room, or a new facility. It’s very Harry Potter. The problem is is the inn needs to be organized so it’s easy to find your way around. This has to do with clear entrances, and good signage and where the identity ad purpose of each room is legible and helps you know where you are. How do you know if you are in a room, or a private room, or a restaurant or a hallway, or in the basement?

    I want to create a map of the inn.

    However, because we are using BuddyPress as our platform, all we really have is this single group layout. Most of the rooms are the same. The group-subgroup relationship seems to barely register in the visual cues (subgroups are buried, the breadcrumbs are partial). The group type classification also provides limited control. Therefore, you are in a large complex building where every room looks almost the same. You can have pages, but they don’t have good buddy press content on them (such as customizable feeds of activity and discussions and subgroups) And you can have Buddy press group, but every group looks and feels the same and it’s hard to see the relationships among all the groups.

    I think the initial impulse was to use the group-subgroup approach to create coherence, except that coherence is not visible enough to provide all of the signage and differentiation of the rooms.

    This is the problem I think I am experiencing.

    I just wanted to try and name this and see if it resonates, and I’ll keep looking for ways to organize custom group materials on pages in order to try to create a new room type that helps organize all the rooms.