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Reply To: The Exponential Nature Of Seeds

  • Mike

    January 25, 2024 at 6:07 pm

    Here we are looking at the potential germination yield increase by using a combination of a 25ft x 10ft greenhouse combined with air and soil heating and soil blocks. The internal design is quite simple, at the base level we have two 25ft x 3ft raised beds, one of which has in soil heating to aid both germination and eventually transplanted plant growing. There are then 4 x 10ft x 3ft (removable) shelves at around 3 ft from the base which each can accommodate around 11 trays each. Starting with 3/4″ soil block cubes, then transitioning 50% of those to 2″ soil blocks (the other 50% are planted into the ground directly). We will share the projected numbers, per greenhouse, soon.