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Reply To: Monthly Cascadia Seed Guild Zoom Sessions

  • Brian Kerkvliet

    January 22, 2024 at 6:55 pm

    Yes I agree there is a place for landrace seed stewardship but that is after you have a good understanding on seed saving overall. There are ways you can really mess up if you are not paying attention. Carrots can cross with poison hemlock or queen annes lace. Corn can get GMO genes, squash can become toxic by crossing with gourds etc.

    When beginning to teach people about this stuff it is best to start with the fundamental basics and then lead into more loose experimental approaches. This will give them an understanding of some of the potential hazards and benefits of open pollinated landrace approaches to seed saving.

    Also if people are doing it for themselves that is one thing. If they are doing it to share or sell/trade with others that is a serious responsibility and quite another thing.

    I alwase go with the precautionary principal. Just my thoughts on this