The Age Of Seeds

  • The Age Of Seeds

    Posted by Mike on December 21, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    We actually made a video about part of this whole set of events we will discuss in starting this discussion and this title is a topical play on words; in many ways we are back in “The Age of Seeds” yet what we are looking to cover here is the age and viability of seeds. Before getting into deep detail, the photograph of tomato plants we share here had an interesting evolution in 2023. In mid April 2023, several kinds of tomato seeds came to us via our stewardship of the Eugene Seed-Hub of the Agrarian Sharing Network (ASN) for their propagation events. There were 65 kinds of tomato seeds in total and we decided to try to germinate the oldest of them; bearing in mind that we were at least 4-6 weeks late for our region. So we had old seeds which we were planting late. This was made up of 19 different kinds of tomato seeds which we nonchalantly planted into two 6 port plastic planters and 5 to 6 4″ pots. Nonchalantly, because we expected a very low germination success rate. 16 of the seeds types made it and suddenly we had over 100 tomato plants to deal with, a very pleasing problem.

    We made a short video of this whole event and the main purpose of this discussion is all items related to seed viability.

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