Reply To: Provisional Mapping of Bioregions for Community Development

  • Paul Cereghino

    January 8, 2024 at 3:49 pm

    Here’s some sketches… I must really be procrastinating other stuff to find time to do this.

    This is suggesting three levels of organization, by city state (by polygon), by region (color coded) and by landscape with orange lines. @juliewolf @cascadiabrandon

    I think that city state blobs could be further subdivided… for example nooksack AKA Whatcom could be divided into the forks, the flats, and chuckanut mountain in a lightly populated hill-country between Skagit and Nookack. The relevance of the border, and Lummi Sovereign Lands are also important to consider.

    Similarly, Fidalgo could be considered the seaport of the Skagit, a border settlement between San Juan and Skagit.
    By contrast it makes sense to divide the megapolis roughly in three… With the North being areas closely associated with the North and the Snohomish Basin, Central being associated with the Duwamish-Green-Cedar, South Seattle, Renton, etc… , and Southern Megapolis being most Tacoma, Puyallup.

    I would question giving a City an identity as a bioregional place, because through a bioregional frame a city is an unsustainable ecological parasite.
    Does our site shake up our understandings of place, or do we represent more legible dominant narratives that cities are viable places?