Reply To: Updates on Formation of a Guild

  • Paul

    March 28, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    We met on Thursday 3/28. Larry, Jan, Paul, Clare S, and Julie shared the whole meeting, Brandon and Clare A had to drop off. Brian and Doris dropped in and indicated they were going to focus on local community development. We had some open conversation about this, and what our check in provoked. We spent time discussing our agreed upon mission categories. We compared our person assets and our passions and interests. We asked each other questions. We agreed on homework: to describe a vision for how we might connect our efforts and interests to create a shared body of work with positive feedback loops. We are going to each develop a one page draft, and then respond to each others drafts, and then at our meeting work on synthesis.

    As always, notes are provided for viewing on our Circle Log.