Reply To: Updates on Formation of a Guild

  • Paul Cereghino

    February 22, 2024 at 2:17 pm

    We met today and:

    • Adjusted how we do information reports.
    • Debriefed on the open-space and @quinngerald consented to support a group to capture learning in preparation for future open space
    • We agreed to a set of aims for 6 months. In sociocracy, aims are used to test if we are going in the right direction, and form the basis for a “reasoned objection”–this decision doesn’t work for me because it undermines our aims.
    • We had a guest, Cindy Bjorkland from the Skagit.
    • We didn’t get to clarifying our shared work or discussion roles, beginning with what membership in the group means.
    • Clair A. will provide information about the learning journey work by Joe Brewer.

    PLEASE – consider what membership means to you, review the BACKLOG and think about what you think we should consider next meeting. If you want to suggest an agenda item, please define what you want to work on, why it fits our aims, and what the desired outcome will be.

    Next week I hope that we will consider defining our shared mission… the work we do to achieve our aims, and start talking about roles, starting with what it means to be a member of the group, with a shared purpose and a commitment to consent.

    Two weeks from now I hope we can follow up on the open-space learning.