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Reply To: Updates on Formation of a Guild

  • Julie

    February 11, 2024 at 6:38 pm

    Thanks Paul.

    2/8/24 Bioregional Education Guild weekly meeting Zoom Recording here Passcode: vD1#PsD7 See if the AI Chapters, Summary and next steps are accurate and useful.

    The (public facing) Reportback post created by Larry this week with my assistance, Monday; 2/12/24, now has the YouTube video of our Zoom meeting. Find it under Latest Updates on the home page. Larry tried using comment on others words in the Circle Log Google Doc which could be an adopted policy with the groups consent, as better communication etiquett to not change someones words but comment on them for collaborative feedback and communication. <div>

    Do we agree with the above Circle Log commenting policy?


    Larry and Jan will continue improving with best practices of being lead and facilitator for our next meeting (Thursdays – see Calendar). Agenda for next meeting to be developed on the Circle Log Monday when they meet. Hopefully we the stewards can have time to review it before we meet, ideally.

    Larry check out the description on the Youtube video. Let me know what you think and if some of that guidance from Paul on roles (facilitator, lead and scribe) might be interesting on the Reportback. As well as Quinn’s 4 questions and our conclusions on discussing/answerng them.